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Tabot Arreytambe

Experienced Software Project Manager

A Little Intro

I am a Software Engineer, Academic Researcher and Serial Entrepreneur with deep knowledge about the African startup ecosystem. Experienced in building cross-functional teams in Multicultural environments and possess a deep passion for Emerging Markets and Growth-leading Economies.

My Skills

I am a consummate professional with a very strong work ethic. Over the years, I have built products and services from idea to market while working within the triple constraints of time, scope and budget and always delivered without comprising on quality. I guess therefore that you can call me "the guy who makes things happen." Here are some of the areas in which I excel:

Web Design

Web Development

App Development (Android/iOS)

Product Development

Project Management

My Resume

One of my goals is to bring more light and positive energy into our world. This path has brought me into contact with passionate and committed leaders who are equally making giant strides in their respective fields of endeavor. I have been blessed to work with organizations that have had a huge impact on my career and traveled to places I only once dreamed of. You can't tell me God ain't good!

Where have I worked?

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Atlas Corps Tech

Bringing solution-oriented Tech Fellows from around the world for a year of service in the United States. Fellows return to their home countries empowered to hurdle the silo that exists between tech and social impact.

Position: Founding Board Member

Location: Washington, DC

Dates: June 2017 - present

Affinis Labs

An award-winning social innovation firm that helps clients creatively tackle complex global challenges through entrepreneurship. Built and managed engineering team. Led development of all mobile and enterprise applications.

Position: Senior Software Engineer

Location: Falls Church, Virginia

Dates: May 2016 - November 2017

Nile University Nigeria

Served as Deputy Head of Department for Computer Science and also taught courses on Object-Oriented Programming, Web and Mobile programming, Data Structures and Algorithms and Information Security.

Position: Deputy HOD

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Dates: April 2012 – January 2016

Edu Teens Foundation

Founded this amazing non-profit organization focused on STEM and CS education with the goal of increasing the pipeline of technologists, entrepreneurs, and innovators coming out of Africa.

Position: Founder

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Dates: November 2014 - present

Next Einstein Forum

Served as the Next Einstein's Forum Ambassador for Cameroon where I was saddled with the responsibility of creating greater awareness across the Nation towards the power of STEM education.

Position: Ambassador

Location: Cameroon

Dates: March 2016 - present


Worked as a paid Intern overseeing all Web development and Administration tasks in the InfoSys Department at the well-renown, privately-held integrated long distance Telecommunications Company.

Position: Web Administrator

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Dates: October 2011 – April 2012

My Work

Given that I still work for a company and most of the work applications we are building have not yet been shipped to market, I can talk about all the interesting projects I am working on. Send me a message through the contact form and we will be able to set up a call to discuss in more depth some of my other projects.

Minbar Mentorship App

The Minbar Mentorship app (available soon for iOS and Android) will connect aspiring entrepreneurs from across the world based on a matching algorithm that considers background, skills, shared interests, verticals, needs, and other factors. It uses a familiar card-based swiping interface to facilitate connections that can help entrepreneurs succeed.



"Even before he arrived in our office, Tabot was hard at work solving problems that were nearly impossible for us to solve in-house. He took everything we threw at him, and had such a positive attitude that it gave our whole team a boost. Tabot has made a huge impact on our business, enabling us to hit deadlines and launch whole new lines of business that we believe will change the world."

Shahed Amanullah, CTO, Affinis Labs


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